Board of Directors

  • Maintain Association Calendar of Meetings and other Significant Dates
  • Prepare Agendas for Board Meetings
  • Attend Board Meetings
  • Write and Distribute Board Meeting Minutes
  • Take Phone Calls from and Correspond with Association Members
  • Enforce Association Rules & Regulations per Instructions from Board
  • Assist Board of Directors in Policy and Rules Development
  • Assist Board of Directors in Selection of Consultants for Engineering, Legal and Auditing Functions
  • Maintain General Association Correspondence

Annual Association Meeting/Special Owner Meetings

  • Secure Meeting Facilities and Arrange for Guests
  • Prepare Meeting Agenda and Mail Meeting Notices
  • Attend Annual Meeting
  • Process Nominations to the Board of Directors
  • Coordinate Registration and Tally Quorum Status
  • Serve as Election Inspector if Required


  • Collect and Deposit Association Assessments
  • Write Checks for Association Bill Payments (checks to be signed by Association Treasurer)
  • Prepare and Maintain Replacement Reserves Schedule
  • Assist in Investment Decisions for Reserve Funds
  • Prepare Annual Budget
  • Prepare Monthly Financial Report for Board Meeting
  • Assist Association Auditor, as needed, in Annual Audit and Tax Preparation
  • Make Recommendations to the Board of Directors to Reduce Operating Expenses
  • Assist With Collection of Delinquent Accounts, Foreclosures, Liens and Related Court Proceedings

Association Maintenance

  • Develop a Maintenance Plan and Calendar for the Complex and Keep Maintenance Records
  • Negotiate Maintenance Contracts as Directed by Board (including insurance, lawn & snow contract, miscellaneous repair and maintenance)
  • Review Maintenance Work to Assure Compliance with Contracts
  • Conduct Inspections of Buildings and Grounds to Identify Problem Areas
  • File Insurance Claims and Administer Insurance Policies on Behalf of the Association

Other Services

  • Provide Realtors and Members with Documents Needed for Selling Property
  • Facilitate Special Member Meetings as Necessary
  • Maintain Files and Records as Requested by the Board
  • Provide Welcome Packages for New Members