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2022 Meeting Dates - October 12 on Zoom, November 22 and December 27 at City Hall at 6:30 pm.

The general rule is the members can attend BOD meetings provided they are held in open sessions. Depending on the subject matter of the BOD meeting, an open meeting may be adjourned and an executive session continue. An executive session will dismiss members not a part of the BOD. An executive session is confidential and all discussions held in an executive session remain private.

1. The BOD meetings are business meetings. Behavior should be respectful and appropriate.
2. The open forum is a segment of each BOD meeting agenda, usually near the beginning of the meeting. Members who want to speak during the Open Forum should notify Jim Schumacher at at least two weeks prior to the meeting and provide the topic(s) they want to discuss. This allows the BOD to gather any supporting information that may be valuable to the topic. If a topic is not provided, members will not be allowed to speak during the open forum.
3. The Open Forum is an exchange of ideas. If bringing a problem to the BOD's attention, it is most productive to hear ideas for a solution as well. If no topics are presented by the deadline, the BOD will proceed into its agenda.
4. Only one person may speak at a time. Attendees need to respect the opinion of others by remaining silent when someone else has the floor.
5. All Open Forum speakers will have to share the maximum 10 minutes dedicated to the Open Forum. Attendees need to respect the BOD's agenda by limiting their remarks. If more than 10 minutes are needed, all other commenters will be advised to submit them in writing or via email.
6. The BOD and Property Manager will listen. The BOD may not respond until a later time or not at all.
7. All members are expected to remain quiet after the Open Forum closes and be respectful of the work that the Board needs to accomplish. Any distractions or inappropriate behavior will result in removal from the meeting.

Mailing address: 6878 Lake Terrace, Woodbury, MN 55125
2022-2023 Board of Directors

Mary Ellison - Vice President
Sally Peterson - Treasurer
Dan Meyer - Secretary
Gino Messina
Bert Christensen

Appearance Control Committee
Dan Meyer

Maintenance Committee
Dan Meyer

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