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My Association of townhomes was managed by Jim Schumacher. He provided our Townhome Association with impartial financial and exceptional management services that guided the Association through major projects.
Jim Schumacher has done an excellent job of providing all our management services for ongoing maintenance and bookkeeping needs. A very reliable property manager.

As our Community Manager, Jim, was, without hesitation, responsive to the Board of Directors as well as to our owners. He is a good communicator, problem solver and has done a great job coordinating repairs/maintenance in our common areas. I would recommend Jim Schumacher to anyone looking for a reliable management company.

– Robert Hauser

It is my distinct pleasure to highly recommend Mr. Jim Schumacher and Association Experts. Mr. Schumacher managed our property for many years, and, during this time, have come to appreciate the many talents of his organization and his management.
We trusted and relied on the judgment and integrity of our property manager. Without hesitation, I can endorse the actions, decisions and advice given to us by Mr. Schumacher. We have not had to “second guess” decisions. The actions taken were obviously based on years of experience, for in every case the results have been on target.

Integrity is an important element in any relationship, be it personal or professional. We can trust Mr. Schumacher at his word. This extends to the management of our property, the billing of repairs (which are the most reasonable), or advising us on future investments.

Then, too, when dealing in money matters, you look to someone in whom you have confidence, who has a broad breadth of experience and who will give you a forthright answer to the hard questions. That is why we look to trustworthy management to handle our property. In sum, Mr. Schumacher is a professional, full service property manager and it shows.

– Mary Sefton